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We film everything on-location and delve into the on-set world of every educator we feature. We spend months planning and shooting each tutorial to bring you the most comprehensive photography and Photoshop learning experience you can expect to find anywhere. 

First Person

With our tutorials, you will gain an all-inclusive look at real productions with real clients. We purposely design all our tutorials with a documentary style approach to give you the feeling of being on-set with every educator as they share their secrets on how they create amazing images. 

Final Product

Our experienced and dedicated production team prides themselves in providing exceptional production quality in all our tutorials. We spend months editing each tutorial and go the extra mile to produce, what we regard, is the best-designed learning experience in the industry. 

We Make Epic Photography Tutorials

We have teamed together with some of the world’s best instructors to create the most comprehensive photography tutorials available on the Internet today. We shoot everything on location in a documentary style to give you the sense of being on-set with our instructors and their teams. Our goal is for you to learn through example by watching the instructor’s entire workflow and listening to the thought process that goes into creating professional images. It's our mission to cut out the frustration and guesswork from your workflow by offering you a solid foundation that concentrates on the WHY and not just HOW things are done. Nothing is scripted, nothing is rehearsed, but everything is planned. When you start one of our tutorials you are going on an immersive learning experience that is exclusive to RGG EDU.
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"Have been wanting to learn from Dani for quite some time now. Of course I bought the tutorial the day it released! Legit this tutorial has changed my life and most importantly my workflow. This is my favorite tutorial from anyone by far!!! So well crafted and informational. Will step your photography up to the next level! Worth every penny!! Thank you Dani D"


"This course is exactly what I needed to complete my photography skill set. The instructor goes through and compares lenses, explained his locations and shows its extremely valuable and sought out editing skills. Seriously worth every penny and is worth way more than $ could by! If you haven't already purchased this you must. I found it essential for the next steps on my photography career."


"I have seen dozens of tutorials offered photographers and retouchers on improving their skills, but none as complete and comprehensive as this one. Michael and the RGG EDU team put together a start to finish product showing everything it takes from start to finish. I was extremely impressed at how easy it was to follow and I definitely had plenty of takeaways regarding toning, color matching, split frequency seperation, along with many other retouching techniques."

-Bo F.

"I am very happy with the tutorial that I purchased. The information and content is excellent. The production and video quality are superb. The content is presented in a very logical and comprehensive manner. Thank you for creating this video series. I would highly recommend this video guide to any photographer that I know. I am absolutely sure that this tutorial will help me to improve my photography and post processing techniques."

-Eric A

"This tutorial is by far the absolute best investment I could have possibly made! I can't even begin to thank you enough for offering such a fantastic product! I especially like that it's broken down into individual videos so I can pick and choose what I need to go back and review. I know I have a lot of learning and experience to gain, but those videos are exactly what I needed to get me going. You are all amazing!!"

-Kristin B