RGG EDU Podcast Season 5 | New York PPE 2017



The RGG EDU Photography Podcast - Season 5 



The RGG EDU Podcast explores the lives of working pros in the photography industry. Each season is recorded in a different city with a group of photographers over the course of 3-4 days. Co-Hosts Gary Martin and Rob Grimm sit down in-person with each photographer to explore how they are making a living in the business of photography. They may also have a few beverages with said photographers. 

Season 5 includes episodes from Jay Maisel, Joe Naylor (Copyright), Monte Isom, Sue Bryce, Matthew Cherry, Drew Geraci, Joey L, Kate Woodman, Brett Florens, Brett Stanley, Dennis Dunbar, Francisco Hernandez, Michael Bonocore, Lara Jade, Bella Kotak, Anya Anti, Dixie Dixon, Maurice Jager, Karaminder, Blaine Deutsch.

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Category: dixie dixon, interview, photography, podcast, sue Bryce

Type: Podcast

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