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Our podcast mission is to give listeners an inside look leaders in image making. In Season 2 of the RGG EDU podcast, we travel to Las Vegas, rent a suite, fill the bathtub with booze, and spend an entire week with some of the world's best image makers chatting about how they do what they do. All 15 episodes available to download below.


Episode 9

John Schell

Episode 10

Erik Valind


Stephanie Cotta

Episode 12

Jeff Rojas

Episode 13

Chris Garrison

Episode 14

Jay P. Morgan

Episode 15

Brooke Shaden

Episode 16

Peter Hurley

Episode 17

Nikki Harrison

Episode 18

Matthew Jordan Smith

Episode 19

Brian Smith

Episode 20

Pratik Naik

Episode 21

Jen Rozenbaum

Episode 22

Chris Knight

Episode 23

Tamara Lackey

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