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Professional Photoshop Retouching Workflow with Sef McCullough

Digital Retouching are fairly new professions in the world of commercial photography. As a relatively new skill, there's not a whole lot of information on the best practices of high-end professional workflows. Sef McCullough is one of the world's premiere digital artists and a pioneer in the world of photoshop. Many of his techniques are not used outside of the commercial retouching world. We've teamed up with him to help him teach these advanced techniques to a whole new audience of creatives. Stay tuned for updates on this incredible tutorial on Professional Photoshop Retouching Workflow.




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Winter '16/'17

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May 2017

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About the Artist: Sef McCullough

For over 10 years Sef has been producing high-end retouching for global brands such as Nike, Coca-Cola, Google, Target, and more. His work has been featured on the world’s largest billboards, top publications, and most visited digital spaces. He has mentored Retouchers, designers, and photographers who wanted to break into the field of retouching and to his credit, they are all now making a pretty nice living. Sef often collaborate with top retouchers in the field to develop new workflows and techniques and one of my his passions is teaching others how to overcome and break down the ‘how the hell did they do that’ problems and make the whole process accessible. For more on Sef, check him out at