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Creative Photoshop Techniques with Renee Robyn

Ever dreamt of an image you've wanted to create? What if your subject could fly? What if they could be a firefighter or be a character in a video game? Photoshop has opened the doors for digital artist to be able to transform their subjects into superheroes. Renee Robyn is world renowned for her advanced photoshop composites and we've teamed up with her to show you the creative Photoshop techniques needed to do what she does. 


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April 20th

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About the Artist: Renee Robyn

Canadian born and raised, Renee is a former model turned photographer who has developed an ethereal style, combining fact and fiction. Merging together expertly shot photographs with hours of meticulous retouching in Photoshop, her images are easily recognizable and distinctly her own. She travels full time, shooting for clients and teaching workshops around the world. For more on Renee, check her out at