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Dramatic Portraiture & Lighting with Chris Knight 

Shadow, Emotion, Mood, Storytelling; all of these are foundational elements of a dramatic portrait. For photographers aching to improve their grasp on the tools of dramatic portraiture, knowing where, and how to start, can puzzle even the most sophisticated of artists. We’ve partnered with Chris Knight, one of the best in the portraiture industry, to provide you with the highest quality educational experience possible. In this new tutorial, Chris takes you step-by-step in this all-inclusive walkthrough of his advanced portrait workflow. The story-telling centrality of his method lies in the understanding that crafting light should help to fulfill the narrative, not the other way around.


Approaching the concept of portraiture can be both a daunting and intimidating task. Chris Knight provides a total dissection of the tools and techniques of dramatic lighting to give you a creative foundation and expanded understanding of the key elements of a dramatic portrait. Chris begins by unpacking the core concepts, which grow with increasing complexity. As a teaching professional, his ability to compound the fundamentals provides you with a dynamic, unique, and effective approach to portraiture.

Dramatic Portraiture & Lighting
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General Overview

  • Ideal For Portrait Photographers 
  • Closed Captions In English
  • Financing Options Available For US residents
  • 37 Videos of Instructional Content
  • Over 13 Hours of Instantly Downloadable HD Content
  • Lifetime Access To This Course After Purchase
  • iTunes Ready Optimized for Mobile Viewing
  • Join Our Secret Photography Community After Purchase
  • Get Feedback From Chris In Our Secret Community
  • RAW Files Included for You to Follow Along In Post-Production
  • Medium Format Files Included - Ready For Lightroom & PS
  • Learn about Advanced Lighting For Dramatic Portraits
  • Learn Step-By-Step Lighting Diagrams
  • Learn About Character Development For Your Subjects
  • Learn The History Of Photography
  • Learn How Chris Directs His Talent
  • Learn How Chris Poses Talent
  • Learn The Do's and Don'ts of Posing Subjects
  • Learn How to Shape & Control Light
  • Learn Chris's Art of Storytelling
  • Watch 3 Complete Photoshoots 
  • Nearly 6 Hours of Retouching Included
  • Learn How to Dodge & Burn
  • Learn How to Color & Tone
  • Learn How to Cleanup Skin
  • Frequency Separation Photoshop Action Included

    Preview The Tutorial

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    Dramatic Portraiture & Retouching

    This project comes with the working files for retouching. You can now learn to create the dramatic images in production, and have all of the tools and workflow methods that Chris uses in post-production. Follow along with Chris as he takes you through RAW image processing and all the way to final output in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop.

    Tutorial Overview

    Introduction to Lighting

    Story and Light

    Photoshoots and Retouching

    Photography and Post

    Free Video:Shape of Light

    Getting Started

    Video Chapter List

    Technical Lighting

    Video Chapter List

    • 01 - Introduction
    • 02 - How We See Light
    • 01 - Qualities of Light
    • 02 - Modifications of Light
    • 03 - Size Matters
    • 04 - Lighting Patterns
    • 05 - Purpose of Light
    • 06 - Ratios of Light
    • 07 - Shape of Light
    • 08 - Controlling Light
    • 09 - Favorites

      Free Video:Dodge & Burn

      Hollywood Shoot

      Video Chapter List

      Don Quixote

      Video Chapter List

      • 01 - Introduction
      • 02 - The Gentleman
      • 03 - The Lady
      • 04 - The Couple
      • 05 - Culling
      • 06 - Quick Development
      • 07 - Cleanup
      • 08 - Skin
      • 09 - Global Dodge & Burn
      • 10 - Liquify
      • 11 - Color and Tone
      • 12 - Sharpen, Noise, & Output
      • 01 - Introduction
      • 02 - Pose One
      • 03 - Pose Two
      • 04 - Pose Three
      • 05 - Culling & Quick Development
      • 06 - Full Image Workflow
      • 07 - Image Two Workflow
      • 01 - Introduction
      • 02 - Kim & Kanye
      • 03 - Culling & Quick Development
      • 04 - Assembly
      • 04 - Cleanup
      • 04 - Toning
      • 04 - Personal Style & Closing Statement

      Before and After

      Use the sliders below to view before and after photo created within this tutorial on your computer or mobile device.

      About the Instructor

      Chris Knight
      Commercial Photographer

      Chris Knight was born in Wiesbaden, Germany and hardened by the sweaty, nearly chewable, humidity of Florida. He combines his unconditional love of art history with his conditional love of technology, topping it off with a flare for the cinematic and an uncompromising eye for detail. His work has appeared in or on Vogue, People, MSNBC, ABC, Ocean Drive, GQ and others. Chris is an instructor at Pratt Institute as well as the New York Film Academy. For more on Chris, check him out at

      $ 299.00
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