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Commercial Hair Retouching Workflow   

Retouching hair is an advanced skill and poses a constant challenge for even the top commercial retouchers. Hair is complex by nature. It can be fine, thick, corse, smooth and often out of focus. In over 10 years of high end commercial retouching, Sef McCullough has developed a variety of systematic and repeatable methods for cleaning up, isolating and extracting hair in Photoshop. Join Sef in his second RGG EDU tutorial where Sef gives an in-depth look at his ground-breaking processes and workflows for retouching hair. These methods are what sets him apart and puts him in front of the most demanding clients in the world.


In this post production-only tutorial you get access to every step of Sef’s advanced hair retouching workflow. He begins with a basic cleanup of hair, providing an overview and introduction to the hair retouching process. He then teaches how to create a natural hair edge using advanced masking techniques, channel pulls and custom brushes. Sef goes on to expand upon these techniques demonstrating an advanced hair extraction on difficult, textured hair. Finally, he shows his process of creative color grading on hair.

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General Overview

  • Closed Captions In English
  • 12 Chapters of Instructional Content
  • 5 hours of Downloadable HD Content
  • iTunes Ready Optimized for Mobile Viewing
  • RAW + Tiff Files Included for You to Follow Along
  • How To Make Hair Brushes That Work
  • When To Rely On Special Brushes & When Not To
  • 4 PS Actions/Brushes Included
  • Destroy Bands Action Included
  • Earth Hair Brush Included
  • Retouchist Everyday Action Included
  • FS 2.0 Action Included 
  • Learn Basic Cleanup For Hair Retouching
  • Learn To Determine What You Can Do With Pixel Info
  • Learn To Create Realistic Hair Edges When Photos Suck
  • Building Bulletproof Hair Masks
  • Step-By-Step Hair Rendering Workflow
  • Learn To Extract Hair At Multiple Depth Of Focus
  • Learn Step-by-Step Workflow For Any Hair Problem
  • Learn How to Create Natural Masks Quickly
  • Learn To Perfect The Natural Edge
  • Learn To Create Advanced Clipping Masks
  • LearnTo Perform Advanced Channel Pulls
  • Learn To Extract Hair In Images With Low Contrast
  • Learn To Rebuild Eyelashes 
  • Learn To Extract Complex, Textured Hair
  • Learn How Create Custom Hair Brushes
  • Learn To Color Grade Hair

    Included with Purchase

    Advanced Hair Workflow 

    Mastering Hair In Any Situation

    Free Excerpt: Eyelashes

    Advanced Hair Workflow 

    Video Chapter List

    • 01 - Introduction
    • 02 - Cleanup Techniques Pt 1
    • 03 - Cleanup Techniques Pt 2
    • 04 - The Natural Edge
    • 04 - The Natural Edge Clean Up
    • 05 - The Natural Edge Eyelashes
    • 06 - The Natural Edge Low Contrast
    • 07 - Textured Hair Extraction
    • 08 - Color Grading Hair Pt 1
    • 10 - Color Grading Hair Pt 2
    • 11 - Color Grading Creative
    • 12 - The Wrap-up
    • 01 - First Review
    • 02 - First Revisions
    • 03 - Second Review
    • 04 - Second Revisions
    • 05 - Final Delivery

    Free Excerpt: Subject & Background Integration

    Commercial Workflow (Lifestyle Application)

    Video Chapter List

    • 01 - Introduction & Creating a Plan
    • 02 - Linked Workflow
    • 03 - Shoe Retouching
    • 04 - Integration
    • 05 - Isolation
    • 06 - File Setup
    • 07 - Cleanup
    • 08 - Skin Cleanup
    • 09 - Color Change
    • 10 - Subject & Background Integration
    • 11 - Mood and Grade
    • 12 - Final Look & Fixes

    Before and After

    Use the sliders below to view before and after photo created within this tutorial on your computer or mobile device. This is a composite image, so multiple files are used to create one final image.


    About the Instructor

    Sef McCullough - Pro Retoucher

    For over 10 years Sef has been producing high-end retouching for global brands such as Nike, Coca-Cola, Under Armour and more. His work has been featured on the world’s largest billboards, top publications, and high traffic digital spaces. He has mentored retouchers, designers, and photographers who wanted to break into the field of retouching and to his credit, they are all now making a pretty nice living. Sef often collaborate with others in the field to develop new workflows and one of his passions is teaching others how to overcome and break down the ‘how the hell did they do that’ problems and make the whole process accessible. For more on Sef, check him out here.

    $ 129.00
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