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Beverage Photography with Rob Grimm

Beverage photography is a speciality requiring extensive knowledge of lighting, glass, and liquids. Yet that knowledge alone will not yield striking images without emotion as the driving force. Emotion in beverage photography? Absolutely. Rob Grimm has spent his career immersed in the world of beverage photography and he will show you his methods, tricks and workflow for creating the images that have made him an industry leader.  

In this tutorial, you will see Rob’s entire process for creating beverage images by breaking the composition down into its parts and obsessing over the details. You will learn the foundations of beverage photography from capturing a bottle on white, photographing cocktails including drink styling, proper use of ice, realistic condensation, creating appetite and appeal, and the use of duratrans to make an image that appears to be shot on-location with all the control of a studio. Rob will share with you his method for generating portfolio ideas that will make you rethink your entire approach to creating images. Finally, world-renowned retoucher Earth Oliver, will walk you through the best methods to bring polish to your images that stand out from the crowd.  

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General Overview

  • 50+ RAW Files Included
  • Instant Digital Download
  • English CC Included Free 
  • HD 1080p Quality
  • Universal MP4 for PC, MAC, & Airplay
  • Includes 4 Full Photo Shoots
  • Retouching With Earth Oliver
  • Includes Full Post-Production Workflow
  • 37 Videos of Instructional Content
  • 19 Hours of Photography & Retouching Education
  • Learn To Style Drinks
  • Learn To Use Fake Ice
  • iTunes Ready Optimized
  • Learn To Create Images With Appetite Appeal
  • Watch and Learn Rob Grimm's Creative Workflow
  • Access To Private Facebook Group 
  • Learn To Use Modifiers to Craft Light
  • Learn White Line/Black Line
  • Learn To Shoot Bottles On White/Black
  • Learn The Basics Of A Duratrans
  • Learn Compositing Of Bottles Shot In Studio
  • Learn Advanced Post Production Techniques
  • Learn Proper Client Delivery
  • Learn To Perfect The Small Details
  • Learn Color Correction
  • Learn Bottle Clean Up
  • Financing Available For US Residents

Meet Your Instructor

Beverage Shoot
How To Finance
The Photographer's Struggle

We have teamed together with some of the world’s best instructors to create the most comprehensive photography tutorials available on the Internet today. We shoot everything on-location in a documentary style to give you the sense of being on-set with our instructors and their teams. Our goal is for you to learn through example by watching the instructor’s entire workflow and listening to the thought process that goes into creating professional images. It's our mission to cut out the frustration and guesswork from your workflow by offering you a solid foundation that concentrates on the WHY and not just HOW things are done. Nothing is scripted, nothing is rehearsed, but everything is planned. When you start one of our tutorials you are going on an immersive learning experience that is exclusive to RGG EDU.

Explore The Tutorial

Getting Started

Foundations & Stumpy's Shoot

Cocktails & Gunpowder

Photo Shoots + Full Retouch

The Tentacle

Photo Shoot + Full Retouch


Photo Shoot + Full Retouch

Video Preview: The Game


Getting Started

Section Overview

  • 01 - Introduction to Beverage
  • 02 - The Toolbox
  • 03 - Preparing Bottles
  • 04 - Lighting Setup
  • 05 - Black Line
  • 06 - White Line
  • 07 - Environmental
  • 08 - Image Processing
  • 09 - Layer Setup
  • 10 - Masking
  • 11 - Cleanup
  • 12 - Color & Client Packaging
  • 13 - Environmental

Free Video: The Game


Shoots + Retouch

Section Overview

  • 01 - Bourbon On The Rocks
  • 02 - Cocktails With Garnish
  • 03 - Bourbon Retouch - Full Edit
  • 04 - Cocktails With Garnish - Full Edit

Video Preview: Stumpys

The Tentacle

Shoot + Retouch

Section Overview

  • 01 -Lighting Setup
  • 02 - Ink Tank
  • 03 - Background
  • 04 - Processing & Alignment
  • 05 - Layer Setup
  • 06 - Background & Masking
  • 07 - Masking
  • 08 - Cleanup
  • 09 - Color

    Free Video: Retouching


    Shoot + Retouch 

    Section Overview

    • 01 -Duratrans Method
    • 02 - Shoot Part 1
    • 03 - Shoot Part 2
    • 04 - Shoot Part 3
    • 05 - Processing & Masking
    • 06 - Clean Up
    • 07 - Color & Client Packaging

      Before and After

      Use the sliders below to view before and after photo created within this tutorial on your computer or mobile device. This is a composite image, so multiple files are used to create one final image.



      About the Instructor

      Rob Grimm
      Beverage Photographer

      Rob has been working as a commercial photographer for over two decades in the advertising industry. His focus and true passion are in food and beverage photography with an emphasis and specialty in liquids. He has extensive experience working on-set with creative directors to help them bring their vision to life. Rob is a true creative problem-solver with an ability to rig up just about anything. Rob is represented by Zahara Reps and has a client list that includes AB+InBev, Bacardi, Kraft, Grey Goose, Jack Daniels, and Wild Turkey, just to name a few.

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