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Welcome To RGG EDU

We are so excited to announce a new resource for photographers and retouchers. RGG EDU was founded by Gary Martin and Rob Grimm out of the need for comprehensive photography tutorials across multiple genres in the industry. From newborns to commercial photography, we hope to bring you in-depth guides that have a considerable impact on your business.

Our tutorials are designed for those that enjoy learning from not just video, but from guides and audio podcasts. Each Pro Guide we produce is a combination of in-depth video tutorials, interactive e-books, and audio podcasts that create impactful learning experiences for photographers. We believe that the most successful learning methods are built upon a combination of visual teaching components with documentary style video, interactive guides for your tablets, and audio podcasts accessible from any device. 

If you are new to photography, or would simply like to sharpen your skills in a specific genre of photography then RGG EDU is a wise investment in your career. Our Pro Guides will be a perfect match for honing your skills in pre-production, lighting, post-production, and best business practices. We dissect each teacher's methods, industry successes, failures, and present them through comprehensive Pro Guides that you can take with your wherever you go. We've distilled the best material from workshops to create the best Pro Guides we could produce to make you a better photographer.

Over the next 12 months we will be focused on producing Pro Guides in a variety of photography genres.  


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