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Each Complete Guide we produce is a combination of in-depth video tutorials, interactive e-books, and audio podcasts that create impactful learning experiences for photographers. We believe that the most successful learning methods are built upon a combination of visual teaching components including documentary style video, interactive guides for your tablets, and audio podcasts accessible from any device. 


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Welcome To RGG EDU

We are so excited to announce a new resource for photographers and retouchers. RGG EDU was founded by Gary Martin and Rob Grimm out of the need for comprehensive photography... Read more +

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Welcome To RGG EDU

RGG EDU is dedicated towards producing impactful tutorials in photography and photoshop that help you build a successful business. We work with the some of the most talented and successful photography and photoshop professionals in the world to bring you the most concise and thorough video tutorials on the market. Our tutorials come with in-depth videos, interactive e-books you can use on set, and audio podcasts focused on business.